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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I voted

I voted. It didn't count. I am wearing black today in protest and in mourning of the death of liberty.

Yesterday, as I stood in line at the polling location, I overheard an African American Woman in line. She said, "This is the first time in my life I have voted. I just want some change." She voted Obama. I woke up this morning and a friend of mine who has always voted libretarian said he voted for Obama. Look, this is just rediculous. How can someone with libretarian views vote for anything the remotely smells like socialism? It makes no sense.

I am not mad that McCain lost. It was a tough election. I am mad because the people who elected Obama listed to mass media, did little research on the candidate, and in most cases can't even state coherent reasons why they voted for Obama. In the instances when someone could state reasons, they were unwilling to entertain alternative views of Obama's plans. I only found one Obama supporter who was willing to entertain alternative views of Obama's plans. His arguments were based on his values, not the media. I respect that voter.

I am proud of this country for making it through another election.
The people wanted change.
Change is here.
I am just not sure it's the change everyone expects.


Nurture Mama said...

I completely agree with your view. The media has very skillfully misled many people, and I'm afraid many will be in for a very rude awakening in the next few years as Obama shows who he really is.

I noticed you linked to me. Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Well looks like your gonna wear BLACK for the next 4 ...lets make that 8 years, because WE OUT VOTED YOU!

And another thing.....Why don't you start praying to God to help you stop being a racist!

Missy said...

Anonymous. Apparently you are not as smart or brave as you think you are since not only did you not leave an identity, coward, but you didn't even leave a comment with anything but an insult in it.

Again, it is demonstrated to me, the mentality that liberals have. I don't think I have demonstrated or stated anything in any of my blogs that would indicate I am a racist. If you, or anyone is uncomfortable with the truth then that is your problem, not mine, and that is probably why you voted for Obama.

Just because Obama is a black man and I voted against him does not make me a racist.

The truth is Pres. Barack Obama attracted tremendous support from African Americans, Latinos and Asian Americans, and the strong turnout among black and Latino voters in key battleground states helped push him to victory, exit polls show. He garnered just 43 percent of the white vote while drawing almost all black voters and 2 out of 3 Asian and Latino voters, according to CNN exit polls.

You tell me who made it about race...I voted on the issues (in case you didn't read the rest of my blog)

Reesa said...

I completely agree about the media pushing race/sex in this election! Personally, I don't have anything against Obama. Out of the two candidates I feel that I agreed with more of his positions than those of McCain's.

I am worried, though, that many Americans saw the election as being between "a black man" and "a woman" (McCain's running mate) instead of between what the two candidates believed in.

Anonymous, this belief does NOT make anyone racist (or sexist)! To respond to someone's blog by calling them racist is just idiotic and childish. ESPECIALLY when you don't have the courage to actually stand behind your words and sign your post.

We all have the right to make our own decisions. Some are better choices than others.