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Monday, November 3, 2008

Bankrupt an Industry?

I give up. This weekend Obama said he would happily let the Coal industry bankrupt itself trying to conform with the "clean coal policies" he proposes. He wants to bankrupt an industry with law. I have NEVER heard a presidential candidate speak about bankrupting an industry. He wants to change the way we deal with 401Ks. He wants to "protect jobs here" by putting restrictions on trade. The problem is that the people we deal with are not stupid. If we restrict what comes in they will restrict what goes out. We are in for a hurtin' folks.

This is a mad man. We are dealing with a socialistic, environmental psychopath and we are ONE day away from possibly changing the nation forever.

Anyone who knows anything about economics knows that under Obama rule we lose big time. We lose jobs, wealth, respect on the international front, dollar value...we lose. You think the value of your home is bad now...spread the wealth around baby and see what happens. You think you have trouble paying bills now? Bankrupt coal and see what happens to energy prices.

This is all part of his plan. It works like this...bankrupt coal, which provides a huge majority of the energy in this country, and energy proces go up. We complain about paying high energy costs and he swoops in like a savior with plans for an alternative energy that we do not have yet.

Maddness. I can't believe my country is even allowing this guy to run for president.

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